“You are a gift for humans and pets!” | Klaudia

“You are a gift for humans and pets!” | Klaudia

Grief is a challenging subject. Part of my mission is to debunk myths about dying and grieving, bring “energetic” clarity, and clear many energetic blockages in humans and animals. Dear Klaudia went through a fantastic transformation with the help of my eight-week program “From Grief to Gratitude” and lots of inner inspiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Klaudia, for your trust! It was a pleasure to witness your beautiful journey.

“Indeed, there is more to this world than we can comprehend with our minds. My experiences with my old cat and Tamara Schenk were so convincing that I now KNOW there is more. It wasn’t just me, but even my friend, who only believes in what she sees, is now convinced that clearing blockages at the cellular level works. I am also sure there are no coincidences, and I was guided to find Tamara Schenk and her offers.

I found her in divine right timing, both for my cat and myself. In addition to the cat code clearings to improve their health and well-being, she also offers a rich portfolio for humans to help anyone committed to growing and willing to do the work.

Especially with the complex topic of death and grief, she offered a fantastic program “From Grief to Gratitude” that initiated a lot of positive change and transformation in dealing with this challenging topic. So I could deal much better with the farewell of my soul cat and master my grief afterward. Unfortunately, there is only one thing Tamara cannot prevent… death. But she manages everything else effortlessly and in an empathetic, calm, and understanding way – you always feel beautiful and safe with her.

Thank you, dear Tamara, from the bottom of my heart for YOUR BEING!! You are a gift for humans and pets!”

Source: ProvenExpert

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“Liberation on all levels” | Sammy

“Liberation on all levels” | Sammy

“Liberation on all levels” – I got an urgent call for help between Christmas and New Year. Highly sensitive tomcat Sammy was totally frightened and traumatized by the constant construction noise next door. I cleared blockages layer by layer, first in the aura, then lots of entities showed up for Simba and his human, and then I worked on removing the trauma blockages. Thank you for your trust!

The loving care and passion Tamara puts into her work are really good for the soul.

The talks and the clearings helped my cat, who was completely frightened by traumatic influences, and myself a lot.

The entity clearing, which Tamara carries out with the utmost diligence and preciseness, was very impressive and powerful. It was a liberation on all levels for us both and the property. Now everything feels much lighter, calmer, and more relaxed.

Thank you very much, dear Tamara!

Source ProvenExpert (my client chose to remain anonymous).

Advanced Auric Clearing, Trauma Clearing,  Entity Removal, and Immunization

“Trust the process and expect a miracle” | Ramona, Tiger and Leo

“Trust the process and expect a miracle” | Ramona, Tiger and Leo

“Trust the process and expect a miracle” – This is such a beautiful, heart-warming story unfolding in divine right timing just before Christmas. Explore what a fantastic journey unfolded for Ramona, Tiger, and Leo, right after an initial rainbow bridge conversation! I had the pleasure of having a fantastic conversation with Tiger, and it was evident that Tiger actually guided Ramona to contact me. Tiger also had lovely messages for his beloved human guardian. Furthermore, he said that his task wasn’t quite finished yet, but he could complete it better from the rainbow country.

A few weeks later, Ramona said:

Dear Tamara, I have news from Tiger.
He visited me last night. It was real, he was here, sitting on my desk.
I saw him as clearly as in real life.
He wants me to be happy and to open up for new experiences in my life.
He encouraged me to adopt another cat.
You never know what’s coming, but everything will work itself out… his words.
We cuddled a bit, and then Tiger gave me a kiss on my nose..
My nose was wet like in real life..
I love you and will never leave you, he said, and then he disappeared.

And again a bit later:

Shortly after that I had this dream with Tiger, I had a dream about a cat that was about half a year old.
He was a tabby. Now, out of curiosity, I checked the website of my local animal shelter and you won’t believe it. There he was, the tabby cat from my drean, half a year old. 
He looked just like in my dream! 

And a few days later, Ramona adopted Leo. Leo is the son of a stray cat that was rescued by the shelter together with him. He had previously little contact with humans. Ramona asked me to perform an Advanced Aura Clearing for him. I could clear lots of fear and past traumas. He developed very well, came out of all his hiding spots very quickly, and started exploring his new territory.

After Leo’s Advanced Auric Clearing, Ramona said:

I would like to send you some new pictures of Leo. He looks so much more relaxed. He is a funny cat and explores everything, also my plants 😸
It’s a huge difference compared with the pictures in the beginning.. You should get a medal for your great work 🐈‍⬛
I will also do an auric clearing as well. A partner therapy, so to speak 😸

And just before Christmas, we exchanged Christmas greetings and talked about this beautiful, touching story–initiated by a rainbow bridge conversation. Tiger led Ramona the way and connected the energetic bonds to little Leo, who now has a beautiful fur-ever home. As Ramona has almost no traffic in her neighborhood, Leo will soon be able to enjoy nature, just as Tiger did his whole life.

You can see how wonderful Tiger was. I recently said to Leo how beautiful he is… he came across the bed and gave me a big kiss on my nose…
Sometimes you have to give your luck a boost 🐈‍⬛🐈
Thanks so much,

Advanced Auric Clearing and Rainbow Bridge Communication

“Our hearts can heal – we feel free” Liz, Anina and Whisper

“Our hearts can heal – we feel free” Liz, Anina and Whisper

“Our hearts can heal now – we feel free” – When Liz and Anina contacted me, their beloved cat Whisper was already on the other side of the rainbow bridge for a couple of weeks. As they shared a very deep bond, it was hard for both to come to terms with Whisper’s departure. My rainbow bridge communication with Whisper, followed by a powerful karmic relationship clearing, including their lovely dog Bells, shifted a lot and created a different energy for all to move on. Grateful and happy to receive such beautiful feedback.

What a beautiful, touching and healing communication between you and Whisper! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, for your deep connection with Whisper and for conveying her heartfelt messages to us. I’m writing on behalf of both of us to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have been spot on in so many ways, which we will share with you when we chat, and we feel our hearts can begin healing now that we understand Whisper’s thoughts and feelings. Thank you 🙏❤️🐈‍⬛. She is a wise and loving and serene soul with a buoyant energy. She is the most remarkable soul. You have really touched us deeply and it helps ease our depths of sadness knowing that you have spoken with our girl and that she knows how much we love her and that she is happy where she is. We’re very glad she’s surrounded with her animal and human souls that have passed from our life together and also from past lives she’s shared with these souls.

We both want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the beautiful clearing session you did with us both and our precious Whisper and then adding dear little Bells as well. You have a tremendous gift and we so appreciate your sharing it with us. You have given us the freedom to breathe again, to allow ourselves to live in joy and gratitude, knowing that Whisper is safe and will always be with us, and that we will see each other again. We feel free and uplifted and I know that this will free Whisp to recalibrate and re-energise and decide on time what role her soul should play next. She was always such a loving, strong, grounded, wise and compassionate cat and she taught us many lessons. She can now focus on herself, on her growth in her soul form, and we can take the lessons she’s taught us and implement them in our lives.

Bell’s inclusion was amazing, not just for her but we believe for all of us as a family unit ! It is as if she is completely at peace and relaxed. Thank you ! We know this is not the end of our journey with you.  So for now we would like to wish you all the best and good luck with your family , life and your new programme you are looking to develop ❤️  We are definitely interested.

We all feel incredibly fortunate to have met you and are so grateful to Fiona for connecting us. You have a spiritual wisdom that enables us to completely trust this whole process from your communicating with Whisper to the clearing session last night. Thank you for sharing this remarkable process with us and for being a spiritual guide and connector to Anina, Whisper, Bells and me.

Rainbow bridge communication and clearing

“She is doing so much better” | Snow and Sylvia

“She is doing so much better” | Snow and Sylvia

“She is doing so much better“– Cats with hyperthyroidism can develop all kinds of symptoms. All physical processes are out of balance. Behavioral challenges such as aggression or loud meowing, especially at night, often come on top. And that was the challenge for Snow and her “pawrents.” When our beloved cats meow loudly at night, every day, it’s a huge challenge for the whole family.

Snow, 17 years old, first received an Advanced Auric Clearing, followed by a sequence of specific Cat Code Clearings tailored to her hyperthyroidism. She relaxed more and more, her aggression decreased, and she stopped meowing during the night. Overall, she became much more balanced and at peace with herself. Thanks, dear Sylvia, for your trust!

I became aware of Tamara due to her book “Soul Cats.” She supports my cat Snow with specific energetic clearings to combat her hyperthyroidism and resolve past trauma. Tamara is very empathetic and works very professionally. Thanks to her excellent work, our cat is doing so much better; we are very grateful. I’m glad to recommend Tamara.”

Quelle: Proven Experts

A few days later:

Snow is reviving and we are very happy to experience this shift ❤️. Thanks!

Snow’s Hyperthyroidism Cat Code Clearing was in July, with a follow-up clearing early in September. Sylvia wrote after the veterinary check-up mid of September regarding her T4 levels:

„In May, we had 4.55, in June 2.21…. And today it’s down at 0.79 μg/dL!“

[lower end of reference is 0.8 μg/dL]

Snow’s results improved significantly since June, parallel to the same medication she received in May. Even more important for her humans is that her life experience became so much better, and she stopped meowing all night, waking up her humans on a daily basis. I’m glad that I could help Snow and her family!

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