Tamara Schenk

Cat Mom | Author | Holistic Human-Cat Connector | Trauma Clearing Master Healer | Entrepreneur

As a child, I already had an inner voice telling me that we are all connected and that energy is what our universe is made of. You can imagine that I was a lonely kid with this perspective.

Although I grew up with horses, dogs, and cats, but was raised to fit in the system, my professional life disconnected me from animals and myself for a while. Due to a career and health crisis when I was in my thirties, I embarked on a journey to self-actualization, personal and spiritual growth.

And years later, when I also managed to work online and remote, I intended to invite cats again into my life. The universe responded and brought my rescued, senior soul cats Max and Flix into my life. And later on, also lovely Howy.

I focused on developing my energy healing capabilities during these years, learning various energetic clearing, DNA activation, and soul insights techniques. Clearing blockages to empower human potential became my mission.

Additionally, I also became an animal communicator. I used my energy clearing techniques to clear and heal the past trauma of my soul cats Max, Flix, and Howy – and my traumas, too.

If you read my book, you will discover firsthand how my cats and I learned and evolved together.

I know precisely what adopted and rescued cats and those with negative experiences from previous owners go through and how many blockages and traumas they often had to experience. More importantly, all these experiences created energetic blockages that negatively impact their lives and that of their humans, too. Especially when they are adopted in a new home, the new owners often underestimate what it takes to integrate cats into their new home successfully.

Fear, anxiety, past trauma are only the beginning, while behavioral challenges due to stress lead to challenges that require more than an animal communication and more than behavioral training. I am here to address the root causes – clearing past traumas.

My mission became to heal animal souls, especially those of cats, and the souls of their humans as well. As humans and animals always reflect on each other in one way or another, the most effective way to tackle these challenges is to treat the root causes, usually trauma, on both sides. Clearing these traumas at the emotional, mental, and cellular levels is key to success.

This way, humans and their cats heal and grow together, deepen their relationship, and embark on a beautiful journey of deep soul-level bonds. Check out my comprehensive, no-risk program for a happy, enjoyable human/cat relationship.

In Soul Cats, I speak through the experiences of Max, Flix, and Howy and how they all helped me to find my mission—to empower humans to live out their soul’s potential and heal the human-animal relationship on the planet.

My most important qualifications, in addition to being a Cat Mum:

  • Licenced Certified Advanced Auric Clearing Master Healer
  • Licenced Certified Advanced Trauma Clearing Master Healer
  • Advanced Karma Clearing Practitioner
  • Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner


Tamara Schenk | Soul Cats
Tamara Schenk | Soul Cats
Tamara Schenk | Soul Cats