Ultimate Trauma Clearing and Healing Program

Tamara Schenk | Soul Cats

Sound familiar?

  • Your cat is fearful and has anxiety
  • You have a hard time even touching your cat
  • Your cat is mostly in hiding places
  • Your cat turns anxiety into aggressive behaviors
  • Your cat lost their previous home, their humans, or was rescued, etc.
  • Your cat seems to attacks you “out of the blue.”
  • Taking your cat to the vet is always a drama
  • You need new “tricks” every time to get your cat into the cat carrier
  • Yur cat is no longer using the litterbox (and litterbox management has been optimized and there is no physical disease)
  • Your family life suffers from the stressful situation
  • You start doubting yourself
  • You added a new cat to the group, and it made things worse

You probably already tried every trick in the book to change the behavior of your cats. You might have worked with behavioral training, clicker training, or even consulted a cat integration specialist.

Here is the thing: while these approaches all have their place, they focus on changing the symptoms and behaviors from an undesired state to a desired one. Understandable from a human perspective.

However, the root cause, usually traumatic experiences, remains unaddressed and things get worse, not better.

Trauma – The Hidden Challenge

Many cats are traumatized from the very first moment they take their first breath on Earth. Maybe their Mum was a feral cat and had to survive, perhaps the birth had complications or the kittens were taken away too early from their mother and sold as a single kitten into a human-only household.

Imagine how you would feel in the same situation, and you will understand how many traumas your cats might have already experienced in the first weeks of their life.

If you have adopted adult or even senior cats that needed a new home, from a shelter, or on a personal basis, you can be sure that your newly rescued cats are traumatized in one way or another.

Imagine they were in a bad home before or their owner got sick or passed away. In any case, your cat has traumas to deal with – on an emotional, mental, and cellular level as you would in a similar situation.

Here is the problem–you cannot “train” a trauma away

Even if your cat enjoys being with you, and has enough time to learn how to “cope” with their trauma, the root causes are still in place. And coping is not healing.

The root causes of any trauma are energetic blockages that have been created when the traumatic experience happened. These energetic blockages created a button that others, usually humans, can push, and the trauma is back and the typically extreme reaction.

The trauma is stored in the brain, in the area that’s responsible for detecting life-threatening situations. Without any further ado, this “smoke detector” in the cat’s brain prepares a full-body-response to either fight or escape. In the case the response was to fight, the cat may bite you, scratch you or attack you in different ways.

This is when people say my cat attacked me “out of the blue.” No, they don’t. Your cats’ body-mind-spirit system reacted automatically as soon as the “trauma button” was pushed. And that reaction is often an extreme one. But never “out of the blue.”

Addressing the root causes and clearing the traumas energetically

I am working for many years with humans and animals on clearing various energetic blockages that are holding them back from living the life they desire. Over time, I developed a specific program that takes the cat on a journey to clear their trauma, auric attachments, and karmic imprints so that they can finally enjoy their life with you–and you, too.

The HUGE difference in my work is this–I integrate you in the process. Yes, you are extremely important for the success of my work with your cat. And your cat with its specific experiences is with you for a reason. Something made both of you resonate with each other–most probably, you share similar challenges and experiences, maybe even identical trauma.

As I work with your cat, I will also work with you–to ensure the best outcome for both of you!

We will work together for at least four weeks, based on a clearly defined and approved process with regular feedback loops and tailored sessions.

The transformation you will receive for your cat and yourself:

  • Your cat will be cleared from all past traumas, e.g., birth and childhood trauma, being abandoned and dropped at a shelter, losing their homes, as well as any physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
  • Your cat will be cleared from karmic imprints, especially past karmic relationships.
  • Your cat will be cleared from all auric attachments, fear, worries, and anxiety
  • Your cat will increase its entry and immune system
  • Your cat evolves from trauma and fear into joy and happiness.
  • And all of that applies for you, too!

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Trauma Clearing | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

How it works

  • Step 1: Let’s Talk

We get on a call to discuss your and your cat’s specific situation and your desired outcomes. I will ask you a couple of questions about your cat(s) and your context to thoroughly understand your situations and the challenges.

  • Step 2: Tailoring Your Program

If I am sure that I can help your cat and yourself to overcome past trauma so that you can develop a trust-based, loving, and enjoyable relationship with your cat, I will tailor a trauma clearing program for you and your cat to address these challenges. Every situation is slightly different. And so is every program. All programs are based on specific modules and have individual components, such as the coaching for yourself.

  • Step 3: Getting Started

To get started, I need the details of your cat(s), photos to see their eyes, and sometimes videos to understand the challenges better and track progress. Also, the financial energy for the program is due at this point, based on the payment plan we agreed on.

  • Step 4: Doing the work

I begin working with your cat(s). You will receive my notes after each session, and I need your feedback at least one week later, right before the next session. We communicate via Zoom, WhatsApp, Email, or Skype.

  • Step 5: SPECIAL and PRICELESS:

You receive a couple of high-frequency energy clearing bonus services for YOURSELF that you can apply right away. This way, you grow personally and spiritually at the same time as your cat(s).

When do you want to get started? NOW is usually the best time!

Get in touch, and we take it from there


This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.