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Clearing energetic blockages

Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing

BRAND-NEW: Advanced Auric Clearing works now recursively! And you only need ONE session, as the protocol keeps clearing potential future blockages on you automatically.

Fears, worries, stress at the vets, scratching or biting, and other challenges…

Everything you notice as a behavioral challenge has an energetic root cause. And the same is true for physical symptoms.

Often, the energetic root cause sits directly in the energy field of your cat. And that’s the same for you!

That means one or more of their chakras are blocked or occupied with attachments. That implies that the cat’s vital life force energy can no longer freely flow, and behavioral or physical symptoms manifest.

I’m sure you know the term “pushing one’s buttons.” Your cat usually comes already with a couple of those energetic “buttons” to you. But you are unaware of them, nor can you know the root causes. However, it’s crucial to de-install these buttons as soon as possible for behavioral alignment and physical well-being.

Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing and a chakra activation is always the foundational clearing service before we can focus either on improving diseases, using specific cat code clearing protocols, or clearing past unresolved trauma at the quantum level.

I offer Advanced Recursive Aura Clearing and chakra activations for animals and humans and certification training for practitioners.

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Recursive Entity Clearing and Immunization | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Entities are often ignored, but the root cause of “unexplainable” symptoms

Advanced Recursive Entity Clearing and Immunization

When a part of you occasionally takes over thoughts and actions that do not belong to you, then you are dealing with entities.

If your cat shows strange behaviors, looks at and hunts invisible things, and if your cat is not really at peace with herself, there are entities to be removed – in your cat and your property.

Entities, attachments, alien energies, demons, fragments, and shadow dancers are all names for the same problem in humans and animals.

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Trauma Clearing | Seelenkater | Tamara Schenk

Trauma – The Hidden Root Cause of Many Behavioral Challenges

Ultimate Cat Trauma Clearing Program

Sound familiar?

  • Your cat is fearful and has anxiety
  • You have a hard time even touching your cat
  • Your cat is mostly in hiding places
  • Your cat turns anxiety into aggressive behaviors
  • Your cat lost their previous home, their humans, or was rescued, etc.
  • Your cat seems to attacks you “out of the blue.”
  • Taking your cat to the vet is always a drama
  • You need new “tricks” every time to get your cat into the cat carrier
  • Your family life suffers from the stressful situation
  • You start doubting yourself
  • You added a new cat to the group, and it made things worse

You probably already tried every trick in the book to change the behavior of your cats. You might have worked with behavioral training, clicker training, or even consulted a cat integration specialist.

Here is the thing: while these approaches all have their place, they focus on changing the symptoms and behaviors from an undesired state to a desired one. Understandable from a human perspective.

However, the root cause, usually traumatic experiences, remains unaddressed and things get worse, not better.

Here is the problem–you cannot “train” or “talk” trauma away

Even if your cat enjoys being with you, and has enough time to learn how to “cope” with their trauma, the root causes are still in place. And coping is not healing.

The root causes of any trauma are energetic blockages that have been created when the traumatic experience happened. These energetic blockages created a button that others, usually humans, can (unconsciously) push, and the trauma is back and the typically extreme reaction that’s programmed behind the button.

The trauma is stored as a memory in the cat’s brain, in an area that’s responsible for detecting dangerous and life-threatening situations. The brain of a traumatized cat is hyper sensitive due to past trauma, and therefore, overreacts and the cat shows trauma symptoms even in situations that are not life-threatening. With trauma clearing, we clear these blockages so that the brain can return to “normal”, step by step.   

This is why people say that their cat attacked them “out of the blue.” No, they don’t. Your cats’ body-mind-spirit system reacted automatically as soon as the “trauma button” was pushed, due to this hyper-sensitive brain and central nervous system. And that reaction is often an extreme one. But never “out of the blue.”

What is trauma really? And how can traumas be cleared so that you and your cat can enjoy your lives?
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Cat Communication Rainbow Bridge | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Find Peace With Your Transitioned Cat

Rainbow Bridge Cat Communication

Being asked to accompany a beloved cat in the last stages of its incarnated life leads to all kinds of emotions. And it is never a comfort zone.

It’s always a very deep, emotional process, that requires lots of mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. If you are open to it, you can learn a lot and grow tremendously.

Not always are we able to accompany our cats as planned. Sometimes, a sudden illness occurs. Or your cat has an accident, and you have to rush to the vet and make choices over life or death. Or even worse, your cat had a deadly accident.

Then, you are unprepared and didn’t even think about saying goodbye any time soon. And then, from one day to another, you had to say goodbye. And not all of your topics could be resolved before, and not everything was already said and done. And you are not at peace with yourself, as you have questions with no answers; questions you would like to have answers from your cat.

Then, a cat communication with your transitioned cat is perfect for you. I’d be glad to assist you during this process and have a conversation with your cat on the other side of the rainbow bridge. I can get answers to your questions and see what messages your cat has for you.

I always recommend adding a karmic relationship clearing for you and your cat to the conversation. It allows both of you to complete your relationship in love so that both souls can move on.

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Karma Clearing | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Clearing inherited, past and present life karma 

Advanced Karma Clearing

What is karma really?

Karma–that’s the ongoing consequences of your choices.

Whenever you make a choice that is not in line with the principles of the universe, you create the potential for a negative karmic imprint.

Negative choices can be made based on our free will, as we have always the free will to make a choice in line with the universal principles or directly against them.

That’s a bit different for animals. As they don’t have the same amount of free will we have, they live by definition more in line with the principles of the universe.

There are various kinds of karma. First, there is inherited karma. That’s the karma we have inherited from our genetic parents at conception and fetal integration.

This inherited karma has to be cleared first as it impacts the creation of more karma. And that’s the same for humans and animals. Karmic imprints sit directly in the DNA, the mother and father helix.

Additionally, there is relationship karma. That’s relevant for both humans and animals, especially your human/animal relationships can be heavily impacted by negative karma.

It’s crucial to transmute and clear all karmic ties that no longer serve you and your cat. Especially for adopted and rescued cats, clearing those often negative karmic ties to previous humans is highly recommended.

Clearing karma is often perceived as a massive liberation because you get out of the loop of karmic cycles and get back in the driver’s seat of your life. And the same is true for your cat. I offer Advanced Karma Clearing for both humans and animals.

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