“You are a gift for humans and pets!” | Klaudia

"You are a gift for humans and animals" | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Grief is a challenging subject. Part of my mission is to debunk myths about dying and grieving, bring “energetic” clarity, and clear many energetic blockages in humans and animals. Dear Klaudia went through a fantastic transformation with the help of my eight-week program “From Grief to Gratitude” and lots of inner inspiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Klaudia, for your trust! It was a pleasure to witness your beautiful journey.

“Indeed, there is more to this world than we can comprehend with our minds. My experiences with my old cat and Tamara Schenk were so convincing that I now KNOW there is more. It wasn’t just me, but even my friend, who only believes in what she sees, is now convinced that clearing blockages at the cellular level works. I am also sure there are no coincidences, and I was guided to find Tamara Schenk and her offers.

I found her in divine right timing, both for my cat and myself. In addition to the cat code clearings to improve their health and well-being, she also offers a rich portfolio for humans to help anyone committed to growing and willing to do the work.

Especially with the complex topic of death and grief, she offered a fantastic program “From Grief to Gratitude” that initiated a lot of positive change and transformation in dealing with this challenging topic. So I could deal much better with the farewell of my soul cat and master my grief afterward. Unfortunately, there is only one thing Tamara cannot prevent… death. But she manages everything else effortlessly and in an empathetic, calm, and understanding way – you always feel beautiful and safe with her.

Thank you, dear Tamara, from the bottom of my heart for YOUR BEING!! You are a gift for humans and pets!”

Source: ProvenExpert

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