Maybe you have already read it on Facebook – On May 19th, my dear Hubertus crossed the rainbow bridge to get to his beloved Joey. He spent almost 18 years in his physical body, nearly two of them with us.

Once again, I was allowed to learn that a soul that has decided to leave his body behind cannot be stopped by anything on its path. Hubertus never fully recovered from the death of his beloved soulmate Joey in June 2022. The more time passed, the more he seemed to miss him.

A few days after Hubertus’ departure, Thaddaeus succinctly stated, “The two must be together, no matter what form.”

Hubertus is a special soul to which you first had to find access. He didn’t always make it easy for you, which made you feel even happier if you could gain his trust.

How you came to us.


Dear Hubertus, we met you and Joey on July 24th, 2021, when we picked you up in your old home with your friend Joey because your owner had passed away.

This was also no coincidence, but the work of soul cat Flix. He wanted you two to come to us.

When I first saw you, you hissed at me strongly and gave me a deep look with your beautiful eyes, and it was immediately clear to me, “We already know each other…”

You and Joey were such an incredible team, soul mates in the truest sense of the word. You’ve moved into your new forever home with us.

Your first three months were undoubtedly your biggest life challenge and change. You made your home under the kitchen sink.

You, dear Hubertus, always paved the way for Joey. You were the first to venture out from under the sink in the first few weeks in our new home. Then we tackled your health issues first; your CKD and hyperthyroidism had gone undetected. Everything has worked itself out, and you have developed wonderfully. Both of you together.

Moving to the North.

Then, in February 2022, the big move to Schleswig-Holstein. Of course, you and Joey were thoughtfully prepared for the big move, energetically and via animal communication. However, on the day of the move, crisis struck you once more as everything took concrete form. Suddenly you were scared of your own courage. The apartment was already empty; you had a long drive ahead of you, but what would it be like in your new home? You were unable to imagine it. That’s why we gave you the time you needed. Martina explained everything to you while I cleared your fears. What was the refuge even in this situation? The sink in the kitchen… I drove off with you an hour and a half later, and you both slept in the car for over six hours.

As soon as you arrived in your new home, you were back to your old self. You got out of the cat carrier, looked around, and acted like the boss cat – all that happened within moments. You thoroughly examined everything right away. And found everything to be safe. And Joey was the site manager as if you’d always been here. Very beautiful.

Again, you had mastered a significant change together, as always. One was there for the other.

You two were never cuddly cats. You were with us, everyone in their way. And you two cuddling together? No, that was never really the case. It felt more like you were giving each other space and allowing each other to retreat if necessary. And yet, just like Max and Flix, you were incredibly close. And the two didn’t cuddle either.

The two of you have adapted wonderfully here—all of us together.

You got to know our garden bit by bit in the spring of 2022. That was an experience for all of us as well. Something completely new. Exciting. An even bigger territory to control. But not the focal point, neither for you nor Joey. The two of you often sat by the patio door, looking outside together. That was important–being together.


Joey was the first to cross the rainbow bridge.

Then, Joey’s health declined. A cardiovascular collapse in April, diagnosis of advanced HCM. On June 18th, 2022, at dinner time, as I was about to put the asparagus in the boiling water, Joey collapsed when he wanted to go to the litterbox. I knew immediately what it was, an aortic thrombosis. An immediate trip to the veterinary clinic. I don’t even remember how I managed to get there. Yes, I ensured you two still saw each other before speeding away with Joey.

Aortic thrombosis. I knew it when I saw him collapsing. When we arrived at the clinic, he couldn’t even feel his hind legs anymore—his time in the body of a British Longhair cat had come to an end. All about Joey’s story is here.

It was a massive shock for all of us. Your world has been shattered. Yours even more than mine. You have spent almost your entire life with Joey. 

We comforted each other, cuddled a lot, and supported each other. The shock was immense, as was the sadness.

Joey’s death has triggered a profound existential crisis for you. You never fully recovered from his sudden departure. You tried, over and over again, to find meaning in life without Joey. Yes, I was aware of it, and we did a lot to help you overcome your grief.

Yes, a few months later, you wanted to have a feline companion by your side again. So, I asked my departed soul cats to send us a soul in need in divine right timing.

Your time with Thaddaeus.

Thaddaeus arrived. He was called “Teddy” before he joined us. Of course, he wasn’t a coincidence, either. No, Joey sent him. He had thought everything through carefully, just in “Joey style.” 

I wasn’t even consciously searching, but then I saw him on my Facebook feed. His gaze immediately captivated me. It’s him. I knew it immediately.

He should be a cool boy, at least as cool as Joey was. He should be easygoing and follow his path once he has gained confidence. Just do it. Like Joey. Carefree, not the brooding type that Hubertus was. … and an independent cat.

Thaddaeus was bigger than Hubertus was, and he had a more Joey-like format. Joey had been very generous because Thaddaeus was also bigger than Joey had ever been.

So, Thaddaeus came to us, sent from Joey!

You were interested right away, dear Hubertus. You enjoyed observing the new one while he was still in his separate room and had a transparent cat partition door. That was very interesting.

However, when he showed himself, you immediately recognized that he wasn’t Joey. And he didn’t even look like Joey! So, the grief about Joey surfaced once more.

Step by step, you were getting closer—three steps ahead, two back, and a few ahead again. And no, you did not throw with cotton balls… Thaddaeus was and is by far the more relaxed cat. “Just do it” was his motto from the beginning. He conquered his new home and humans with his lovable, charming way.

That was sometimes challenging for you, dear Hubertus. What was he doing again? And he was naughty… at the same time, you liked it. Also, Thaddaeus had to be supervised! That was exhausting for you. But he refused to be supervised. You secretly sometimes wished you were as cool as he was.

The time with Thaddaeus was essential for you. Very important. He kept you in life for the time being. He gave you tasks and challenges. And you accepted them. And YOU grew because of it—a lot. You tried many strategies. Spending time in the closet, or better yet, staying in the living room, checking what he’s doing in the garden, and sitting in my study, helping me.

Or would you rather live in the kitchen? On the barstool? You could also press a few buttons on the stove at night or sit next to the coffee machine. Or sit in the utility room in the dark again. There’s no fool like an old fool…

At the same time, your health was excellent. We had your CKD under control, as well as your hyperthyroidism, your teeth were restored a few months ago, and your blood pressure was also under control. Most of the time, at least. You enjoyed the energetic work, especially the Cat Code Clearing. Your health stats not only stabilized but even improved.

We found a fantastic vet in a very competent vet clinic where everything was under one roof, dental, cardiology, internal medicine, and everything senior cats require.

You introduced yourself in your usual manner. First and foremost, hiss at all new people and, if necessary, hit them. You had to establish who the top cat was, of course. Fortunately, we found a wonderful vet, dear Hubertus, who could arrange everything to work for you. And that’s how you became friends, too.

In February, you were still at a healthy weight, ate well, and had an appetite; your kidney and thyroid levels were excellent, and you got through your second tooth restoration just fine.

A life without Joey: Does that even make sense?


Yes, your sadness has reignited. You’d spent a few days in the dark utility room. It came up again, the question of whether life without Joey would make sense, as you told Martina. As always, she gave you options. Yes, representing Joey here in the physical world – you took this option to heart. You took part in life again, visited other places (including Joey’s spots), and handled it thoughtfully.

At the veterinary checkup in April, everything was still okay. Yes, you lost a hundred grams. Hmmm. We’ll keep an eye on it. I then offered you various remedy feeds, which you happily licked.

But then everything went very fast. You then suddenly ate significantly less and severely limited your radius of action. Yes, that is quite typical for old cats. After all, you’d be 18 years old in the summer.

I could not perceive more in the energy field. You would get a Cat Code Clearing from me every week or two, mainly kidney and thyroid. My vet advised us in April to have the thyroid and kidney levels checked as soon as possible, and that was on May 19th.

Everything went very fast in that week. You mostly lived in a box in the hallway. I served you everything there in the box. All you had to do was walk around the shoe closet because your litter box was behind it. I didn’t have a good feeling, but… You were unique in many ways, dear Hubertus …

There was a trace of blood in the urine Tuesday night, barely noticeable, but I rarely miss anything… Regular again on Wednesday. Okay, we had our appointment on Friday anyway…

You continued to worsen physically, and I could see you still losing weight. Last Sunday, you were out in the garden, taking a little stroll, and I noticed how thin you had become. Yes, that scared me.

The day of your departure.

We headed to the animal hospital on Friday morning, May 19th, to see our trusted veterinarian. On the scales first. 3,3 kg. Alarming, you had lost another 300 g in just under four weeks. Your blood pressure was okay; processing today’s blood test was relatively peaceful, but the palpation was not good. My vet said there is something that doesn’t belong there. So, we needed an ultrasound.

And there it was, a massive tumor in the bladder that was already spreading into the kidneys. There was already a urinary stasis in the kidney. Aha, hence the increasingly smaller but more frequent amounts of urine. Oh no, I was beginning to realize what that meant.

I heard myself asking if anything could be done about it. Unfortunately, the disease is far too advanced, and even if it weren’t, your current state would prevent you from surviving an operation. Clear words.

She gave me a severe look and said it was a matter of days, not weeks. She explained to me the urgency of the situation that could develop quickly: the tumor could completely block the bladder/kidney junction.

Oh no, my dear Hubertus…

And yes, I did understand then…. She advised me to have mobile veterinary care just in case. And no, I wasn’t supposed to wait too long… Okay, I had to process that first.

Hubertus and I drove home. He was suddenly very calm, very relaxed. It was finally revealed, and I was aware of everything. Today I know what you wanted to tell me – I want to go.

When we got home, things started to unfold.

You literally couldn’t get back on your paws…

You swayed at first, but then you laid down in the sun. Okay, let’s arrive home first… I’ll let you sleep there. You were so peaceful in this spot in the midday sun.

Then I had time to process everything and feel inside within you and me. Clear signs. You wanted to go. You didn’t want to live without Joey anymore. You wanted to be with him. In any case, you didn’t want to continue living in this body.

I then consulted my dear friend Martina (Thank god she could make time for us, just as she did when Joey departed) to support via animal communication.

She received even more explicit messages from you. Yes, you would like to request assistance. It all makes no sense anymore. This spot in the sun would be an excellent place to leave the body.

In the meantime, you tottered to the fountain to drink. Then you couldn’t keep your balance and fell over your cat fountain. From that moment, I had you on my lap until you left your body later that afternoon.

I then found a nearby veterinary practice and explained everything, including the veterinary clinic’s diagnosis. Yes, they would send us a veterinarian. She’d be on her way immediately…

Tuning into you and myself… everything seemed to happen very quickly… Yes, again, a clear yes on all levels. Martina remained by your side… Also, with her, a resounding yes for assistance on the last few miles. It’s an excellent place to die, in the sun, on my lap, you said.

A very caring vet came. Did I already mention it? I manifested years ago that I will always have great veterinarians by my side. And that’s precisely how it is.

I explained everything to her and showed her the diagnosis from the veterinary clinic; she took a quick look at you, and we both could see that you were well advanced in the dying process.

We discussed the procedure, and she gave you the first injection. You sat calmly on my lap and were already on your journey. You told Martina you were already floating and feeling wonderful … Lightness returned to you, which had previously not been possible in your sick body.

Then you fell asleep on my lap, Michael on your side, and Martina telepathically accompanying you. Your soul wanted to be free again. You floated away, and you met Joey. You knew that even if I were in tears, I would let you go with all my heart.

Dear Hubertus, I love you to the rainbow bridge and back, and your cat dad too… I wish everything could heal now that you have met your beloved Joey again.

Run free, dear Hubertus; continue your beautiful soul journey. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to accompany you on your incredible journey here on Earth for almost two years and learn so much from you…

My grieving process…

I’m writing this blog article four weeks after his departure. Two weeks later, I sat at the beach, still a little sorrowful but internally at peace. In the meantime, I have created your photobook to celebrate the time we were given here on the planet. 

I’ve come a long way since then… He is here. Hubertus is here. Every now and then. His spirit is still here; I can feel him.

What I have experienced and learned over and over again – letting go of the physical body is essential to coping with grief, in combination with gratitude for the beautiful time spent together and accepting what is now.

Not holding on to the physical body is the actual task.

So, the beloved animal is perceived as a soul rather than a physical being. Yes, that’s a real challenge! I know; it’s easier said than done. It’s not all that easy. But it is crucial to always keep the vision in mind.

Can I do this every day? Of course not… I often find myself preparing two bowls of food when he no longer needs it… Yes, of course, it brings tears… and that’s perfectly fine, too! Then I ground myself first, and on we go… It goes step by step, and each grieving process has its own pace. And that is perfectly fine.

I am deeply grateful for all the experiences I have had so far with my soul cats and their departure to cross the rainbow bridge.

Max, Howy, Flix, Joey, and Hubertus had their unique way of leaving their body behind. Everyone has taught me a lot… that this process can’t be “planned.” In terms of structure, yes; however, the individual characteristics though not at all.

Leaving the body requires no ideologies other than your unconditional love and timing—divine right timing, as I like to say.

It is about the wishes of the animal souls entrusted to us and how they want to leave. Helping them achieve their desires is the most incredible labor of love I could give them.

In the case of Hubertus, he wanted to go now. He wanted to be with his beloved Joey right away. It suited him, this departure. And Joey was here to pick him up. As soon as Hubertus’ soul was on its way, Joey’s soul was already there to welcome him… Divine right timing. Amid my grief, this deep love and gratitude for being able to accompany him so wonderfully together came up.

Being able to help him leave his body in his way fills me with great love and gratitude.

It makes my grieving process a lot easier because, deep down, I know it was what he wanted for himself. And he was heard. And he was now happy again on the other site. And he was free. And I know that firsthand…

Rituals. The power of rituals. Also very important for the grieving process. Maybe it’s the candle for your cat, the letter you write them, the funeral in your garden, and the decorating of the grave. It could also be that you want to reminisce and gain strength and love from it, or writing, such as writing this blog article for me. Writing it down helps because it is like writing it off the soul. And it might help you a little bit with your grief right now.

Creating a photo book was also a part of my grieving process. I did this last weekend. It was a tearful but healing process because I could consciously remember so many beautiful moments.

Divine right timing – the divine right time to say goodbye. This also has another meaning for me:

I’m in the middle of my first ever “From Grief to Gratitude” program with a group of wonderful cat moms. I am overjoyed and deeply grateful for the transformations that each member of this group has already undergone, some as a result of grief for their deceased cat, while others are currently accompanying sick or elderly cats in the final stages of their lives – and each one has already experienced trauma from a previous death, whether human or animal. And in just six weeks, so many have already been transformed and healed, and so many new perspectives have emerged. And now, there is so much to learn from Hubertus’ story, which I immediately incorporate into my work.

Text and pictures:
 © Tamara Schenk | Soul Cats