Soul Cats is one of the most inspiring books I have ever come across. It will make you cry, it will make you smile and it will open your heart as only the love of animals can do. Kudos to Tamara for this beautiful work.

Lucia Giovannini

Best selling author, Inspirational Speaker, BlessYou International

Tamara Schenk

Soul Cats

How Feline Friends Teach Us To Live From The Heart

“Life often offers miracles; you just have to see them and take action.”


Sometimes life calls upon us to take matters into our own paws.

Soul Cats is a book that carries with it a very special and personal mission. The dying wish of “soul cat” Max was for his human guardian to write this very book, as he passed away just a few short weeks after.

Within the pages lies a story overflowing with deep love between Max, Flix, Howy, and their human guardians. Together, their love is the prevailing force that sees them through times of significant challenges.

Our animal-human relationships exist on a plane of consciousness that transcends that of our relationships between other humans. Soul Cats puts the reader in the perfect center of our animal-human relationship, engaging in a journey about communication, true connection, distress, and the light that gets us all through it.

We all come with our own mental and physical baggage, something that older cats from the animal shelter share in common with us. Soul Cats explores the symbiotic healing power of cats and their humans caring for one another until they one day cross the rainbow bridge on their own terms.

Soul Cats is teeming with stories—following the alpha cat Max, cerebral thinker Flix, and the ever-bright Howy. The cats and their human guardians experience situations laced with joy and emotion, but also those of profound and sobering reality.

At its core, Soul Cats makes an indisputable case for how conventional medicine, natural healing methods, and energy clearing work can create a powerful trinity of relief and deep meaning in our lives.

The experience of reading Soul Cats is one that touches the soul of the reader. It’s a beautiful story that weaves together courage, deep care, and shows the power that a legacy of love can produce.

“Let love and joy be your guiding principles.” – Howy

Tamara Schenk

Tamara Schenk

Tamara Schenk owes her passion for writing to her soul cat Max. Max knew in his divine feline wisdom that his human guardian loved to write. That intuition helped to influence Tamara to write Soul Cats in “divine right timing.”

Tamara is here to increase the consciousness on Earth for humans and animals alike. She works with the most effective and high-frequency techniques that are available on the planet, clearing energetic blockages in the auric field, karma, and soul-level blockages at the quantum level.

As these blockages are often the root cause of so many challenges, Tamara’s process is cultivated from the ground up to reconnect humans and animals with their soul mission and reignite their true potential and soul mission.

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In Soul Cats, Tamara speaks through the experiences of Max, Flix, and Howy and how they all helped Tamara Schenk to find her mission—to empower humans to live out their soul’s potential and heal the human-animal relationship on the planet.


“I was the king of the strays. I was responsible for many other cats.”

– Max

Max | Seelenkater | Tamara Schenk

„Nothing is more important that being in harmony with oneself.“

– Flix

Flix | Seelenkater | Tamara Schenk

“Follow your soul.
Your intuition guides you.​”


– Howy

Howy | Seelenkater | Tamara Schenk

Soul Cats is one of one the most inspiring books I have ever come across. It will make you cry, it will make you smile and it will open your heart as only the love of animals can do. Kudos to Tamara for this beautiful work.”

Lucia Giovannini

Best selling author, Inspirational speaker , BlessYou International

Soul Cats is a tender and heart-pawing journey of care. It’s a reminder that when we stop pushing for what we want, we create a space that can be filled by love. Tamara and her council of wise feline companions take you on a beautiful journey of healing. Get ready to discover…”

Stephen Mulhearn

Director, Lendrick Lodge Retreat Scotland

Soul Cats is an inspiring, informative guide for understanding, connecting with, and supporting our feline companions, and in turn letting them to touch and feed our souls.”

Jim Dickie

Trustee Emeritus, Morris Animal Foundation

“Recognizing meaningful connections to all our animal relatives since time immemorial Tamara invites us to reconnect with these practices and to explore our own very possible and deep journeys with our own animal relatives. We are witnesses as she chronicles her egoless journey as she authentically listens to the voice, spirit and needs of her furry relatives. I want to be her cat!”

Maria A. Trevizo

Indigenous Elder, Auntie, Sister, Mother

Soul Cats is a true lesson in love, wisdom, compassion, and harmony for all those who have the consciousness to open their hearts and minds to embrace the spirit and interconnection of all living souls.  “

Fiona Oakes

Ultra Marathon Runner, World Record-Holder, Founder, Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, UK