Bite trauma clearing “From trauma to trust” | Dorothea and Buschl

Bite trauma clearing “From trauma to trust” | Dorothea and Buschl

Bite trauma clearing – I am very happy about this beautiful feedback from Dorothea and her wonderful tomcat “Buschl.” I have had the pleasure of working with Dorothea and Buschl, a young rescued cat, for quite a while now. Many challenges could already be mastered, and so many beautiful things could unfold in their lives. Just his habit of biting Dorothea was persistent…so far.

I’ve been using a brand new trauma clearing protocol for a few weeks now–bite trauma clearing! A protocol specifically focused on clearing the fearful past traumas that caused the biting habit. And it works! I’m so happy and grateful!  Buschl transformed a lot. He has built up a lot more trust and allows a lot more closeness than before. And the biting is almost gone, too! And the journey continues!

A recent report from Dorothea:

We adopted Buschl about a year and a half ago. He’s missing a piece of his right ear, so I thought at first that he was forcibly castrated. Here in Austria, they do this to homeless cats as a sign that they are neutered.😟. But he wasn’t yet.

He was a very fearful cat and had some habits that may have arisen from abuse. Tamara has already cleared a lot of past trauma for Buschl. And he has developed so well 😻💓
He had kept a bad habit for a long time: He wakes me up with slight biting attacks in my arms or legs in the morning. And when brushing him, it also happens that he bites me out of nowhere.

Tamara has been working on this biting topic with Buschl for about three weeks now. 😻 He hasn’t completely given up on it yet, but it’s much rarer, and, above all, he has developed much more trust in me. He is only now touching me with his head to my head after such a long time with us. My Buschl doesn’t want to be touched face to face. And since Tamara’s bite trauma clearing work, he allows that as well. He developed so much more trust as Tamara cleared his past traumas.

And we have made further progress in the last few weeks by working with Tamara. For the first time yesterday, he sat on my lap, face to face! I can’t even describe how happy I was 😄😻 He did this for the first time since he’s been with us. I am sure that he will overcome his last bits of fear.

Thank you, dear Tamara, for your loving and highly effective work, especially for Buschl, so that he can enjoy his life without fears!

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Trauma Clearing Marlis and her animals | “So many wonderful things have happened!“

Trauma Clearing Marlis and her animals | “So many wonderful things have happened!“

Point of departure

When Marlis contacted me, she was very aware that all of her eight animals found her for a reason. Just like in my case, it was her soul cat Max, who significantly determined Marlis’ soul journey.
Trauma? Yes, both Marlis and her eight animals (five cats, a dog, a horse, and a pony) had more than enough of that. So we set up a three-month program to energetically clear all past life trauma, prenatal, birth, childhood, adult life, and most importantly, accident and relationship trauma at the quantum level. Marlis’ vision was to clear all past traumata together with her animals and to be able to start with them into a future full of light.

Solution over three months

Marlis and her eight animals went through the same sequence of aura clearing, karma clearing, and then the five-week trauma clearing sequence. Aura clearing is about clearing all 15 dimensions of the human energy field of blockages, entities, and negative programs, and closing open portals. Karma clearing is about clearing inherited karma from our parents and ancestors, relationship karma, and classic karmic blockages.

After that, we were ready to successfully clear past traumas. Since the energetic trauma blockages are stored at the cellular level and in the DNA, it is very important to clear the upper layers beforehand.

In addition, Marlis got a soul profile (from the Akashic Chronicle), and a clearing at soul level, as well as a clearing of shadow personas, of which we usually carry some facets within us. And they can hold us back every single day. And, most importantly, we then manifested Marlis’ vision.

Transformation for the whole family

The common denominator of Marlis’  trauma and the trauma of her eight animals was abuse—emotional, mental, and physical abuse. Being abused or neglected by previous owners or coming from animal rescue organizations, that’s how all eight animals came to Marlis, who herself struggled with various kinds of abuse in this and especially in past incarnations.

Soul cat Max, Marlis‘ light worker, and soul companion

Marlis' Max | Seelenkater | Tamara Schenk

It was a great honor for me to work with this wonderful tomcat. He has a special mission as a feline lightworker. He was very proud of himself for getting everything perfectly orchestrated with the trauma clearing program. Due to an accident, he was very sensitive in the lower back and tail area and asked for an energetic straightening of his spine. I added that to the program for him. In the course of working together, he was able to clear lots of issues in his life. Step by step, he also prepared the change of power in the cat household, from himself to tomcat Dhiyaa, a black, mystical, very wise tomcat. This allowed him to concentrate more on his light work. He was completely satisfied when we came to the end of the program.

“Yes, we have orchestrated everything here so that Marlsi and you could find each other. So much has been achieved for all of us, it’s wonderful, we’ve all arrived on a completely different, much lighter level. From there, we continue to our new home.”

Dhiyaa, the future boss cat

Dhiyaa | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

In one of the first sessions, he told me that he, like Max and the others, was a lightworker and that the more traumas I could clear for him, the more effectively he would be able to do his work. Dhiyaa has experienced an immense transformation. At the end of the program, he obviously felt very comfortable in his new role as the future boss cat. His smart presence, and wonderful, naturally strong energy make it easy for him to be accepted in the group.

Kyra and Leo, the female and the male principle

Kyra | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Kyra, a proud cat lady, has also dealt with abuse. In return, Leo had to deal with the male principle. Kyra summed it up like this:

“The permanent imbalance and the permanent wrong imprints in terms of the female and the male can finally go now.”

Kyra found her way back to her naturally feminine strength week by week, and Leo developed strong masculinity, calmly strong, gentle, and sensitive. His innate role as an intermediary could now shine, and he was in his element.

Tweety, guiding her through the last phase of her life

I took things a little easier with Tweety because she’s definitely in her final stages of this incarnation. She wanted to be included in the program. She wanted to accompany Marlis and the entire family on the way to a future full of light, clearing everything that did no longer serve her. With the clearing work, she regained more life energy week after week, started eating better again, and developed more and more inner peace.

Pandora – From abuse trauma to inner peace and ease

Pandora | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Especially Pandora, the beautiful brown mare, was very self-determined not to give anyone the chance to abuse her in any way. Abused as a “sports equipment” and also abused as a warhorse in previous lives, she reacted in the most extreme way if, for example, you only wanted to tie her up for grooming.

In the course of our work together, she transformed into a well-balanced, friendly, fun-loving, approachable horse that found inner peace and trust again.

Esperanza – from the neglected pony to the cheeky, fun-loving bundle of energy

Esperanza | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Esperanza, the chestnut-colored pony mare, was neglected for a long time. That’s how she came to Marlis. She was also able to clear and overcome her past traumas of being abandoned. Week by week, she gained more zest for life and self-confidence. Her cheeky, loving nature could now fully develop.

Yuma–Transformation of past life trauma

Yuma | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

The Appenzell male dog had to come to Marlis, no question. Fear was his primary theme, a deep-seated fear that went far beyond this incarnation. Other dogs were a real challenge for him. And challenges with little to no trust, he was easily jealous. With each clearing, he became more open, gained more confidence, and his childish, playful nature came slowly to the surface.

Almost towards the end of the program, past traumas came back to him, triggered by a “black wall” in the form of tomcat Dhiyaa, who suddenly jumped past him out of nowhere. At first, everything was on the brink, but then he got an extra clearing to clear more past life traumas, after both I and Marlis had received the same information from him.

Marlis – “So many wonderful things have happened!”

A truly exciting, deeply transformative journey lies behind Marlis. We were able to clear many traumas from this life and previous incarnations. From week to week, she became lighter, was radiating more, and developed more joie de vivre. Her soul mission became clearer week by week, and her dream of finding the right home for the whole family became more concrete each time. So, we could manifest that together.

”I’m very excited to see where this journey will lead me. I kept saying to my friends: Where should I meet a man? I go to work and have my life with my animals. The man can’t just fall out of the sky.
But that’s precisely what happened. And it just feels so beautiful. And that happened – in Divine Right Timing – right after our last session.

And since I’ve been doing animal communication for quite some time, I know there are no coincidences. Exactly what is supposed to happen and at precisely the right time. If I hadn’t been “parked” here [she lives in an interims house], I might not have done the work with you, and then I would not have met this man either. Someone who won’t let me put him off; instead, he always has the right answer—someone who won’t be put off by my “zoo” either.

If I hadn’t done the work with you, all the wonderful things wouldn’t have happened; also with my animals. We are all so much closer to each other now and much more connected than ever before. I am infinitely grateful for everything now and look forward to what is yet to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support, which I was willing to accept. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a huge step for me. To receive help where it is needed and also to be able to allow closeness (again). I am very grateful that I could get to know you and walk this path with you! THANK YOU 💖💖💖”

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Marlis, that I was allowed to accompany you and your wonderful animals on this wonderful journey to become trauma-free!

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Case Study Andrea, Nono, Leo, and Bonnie – “We are all delighted!”

Case Study Andrea, Nono, Leo, and Bonnie – “We are all delighted!”

I’m glad to share another case study with you: “We are all delighted!” is Andrea’s story with Nono, Leo and Bonnie.

Initial Challenges

When Andrea first contacted me, it was all about her black cat Nono. She adopted him from less than ideal circumstances, and he adjusted pretty well over the years. However, he developed one of these undesired behaviors that can be very challenging for cat owners, especially if it’s going on for many months. Nono put his excrements in front of the litter box but no longer inside the litterbox.

Andrea had an accident when I started working with Nono clearing all blockages in his auric field. She broke her leg in a complicated way that required surgery and a couple of months to recover at home—an extreme situation for Andrea and her feline friends.

However, Andrea looked positively at the situation–now was the time to focus on the inner work for herself and all her cats, not only Nono. So, we started with the entire trauma clearing program, and I also incorporated her cats Leo, an adopted former stray cat with lots of “trauma baggage,” and Bonnie, her female boss cat. Andrea is compassionate, and she sensed immediately that the accident wasn’t a coincidence and that she was now asked to focus on herself, too.

Solution over three months

Advanced Aura Clearing

We started with an Advanced Auric Clearing to clear all blockages in the energy field of Andrea, Nono, Bonnie, and Leo. For Andrea, the auric work was also crucial for her healing process because, after surgery, the integrity of the auric field must be reestablished. Nono needed a while to trust me and this process; I had to clear a lot of deep sitting fear and worries first, and it was the same with Leo, the former stray cat. Bonnie was a lot more relaxed right from the beginning. Nono started to build trust, and he became step by step more open toward Andrea.

Clearing karmic imprints

The next important step was clearing their karmic imprints. We focused on clearing inherited karmic imprints first to clear all karmic imprints they received from their genetic parents. Then, I cleared past life karma, which has a massive impact on this lifetime, followed by relationship karma. The latter is very important for animals as we mainly clear their past negative human/animal relationships. And for humans, clearing relationship karma always creates a massive shift. This step is often underestimated, but also animals come with lots of relationship “baggage.” Especially for Nono and Leo, this clearing was very impactful.

Clearing various traumas

Then, we were ready to tackle the core–clearing traumas. Andrea decided on the whole trauma clearing sequence, so we cleared past life traumas, including retrieving lost soul facets. Then, we worked on clearing prenatal/birth and childhood traumas. These clearings are usually the most important ones with the most significant impact. For humans and animals alike, what we experience during the time in the womb, at birth, and during childhood defines most of our life experience as adults–if we don’t take the opportunity and clear all traumas that occurred during this time. For Nono and Lea, there was a lot to clear. Additionally, we worked on soul-level traumas that were incredibly impactful for Andrea, as well as on all remaining emotional and mental traumas.

Transformation für Andrea, Nono, Leo, and Bonnie

Finally, Nono stopped during the last few weeks of the program to put his excrements in front of the litter box. He communicated with Andrea and said, „you don’t need to check it; it’s over.”

Nono experienced a huge transformation. The sensitive cat, who liked to pretend to have everything under control, needed some time to build trust and enjoy our work. He transformed step by step, became more open, requested more cuddling, built more self-esteem, and the undesired behavior was a thing of the past. Yeah! Clearing childhood trauma was heavy for him; he first needed more time to integrate the session before showing his vast transformation.

Leo could let go of lots of past trauma and build more trust. His main “trauma trigger“ was to have no exit. If the vacuum cleaner stood in his way and he felt not to have an exit for himself, he panicked. As a former stray cat, you can imagine that the time in the womb of his mother was already stressful and focused on surviving. And that led most definitely to a stressful birth and a tough childhood. Towards the end of our program, he was even able to manage the painter in Andrea’s house.

Bonnie, the wise, feline soul in the background, who gently orchestrates and balances the cat group without being too “bossy,” could also enjoy the program and shift her energy.

Andrea got rid of various childhood traumas that impacted her adult life a lot, relationship traumas, and, of course, the trauma of her accident. Lots of old “trauma triggers” could be cleared, and she became a lot more centered, relaxed, at peace with herself, and she increased her essential trust a lot.

„We went through the whole trauma clearing program with Tamara with auric, karma, and trauma clearing, for myself and my three cats (Bonnie, 14, and Nono, 11 and Leo, 7). Bonnie is the sovereign in the background, adopted from an animal shelter. Nono is also a rescued cat; he was very defensive, invisible, who lived the first three months under my bed. Leo is a former stray cat from Egypt, adorable but with many trauma triggers.

After my accident, it was the ideal time to work on ourselves. We all benefitted a lot from working with Tamara. I used the time to clear many old trauma chapters. And especially, Nono transformed a lot. He is more accessible; he even requests cuddles, which never happened before. And finally, he stopped putting his excrements in front of the litter box. That was our problem for almost a year, and nothing else has helped before. So, we are all delighted 😊”

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“So much kindness, expertise and empathy” | Dorothea, Austria

“So much kindness, expertise and empathy” | Dorothea, Austria

Dorothea contacted me when she rescued a young tomcat who had already experienced abusive behaviors in his young life. He was such a lovely boy, but his behavior could change from one moment to another. And it always seemed to come “out of nowhere.” However, we know that most undesired behaviors have a common root cause – trauma.

Buschl, the beautiful young cat, received auric, karma, and trauma clearing work. And as soon as Dorothea realized the impact of the clearing work for him, she also went through a comprehensive sequence of auric, karma, and trauma clearing. Additionally, she also received a soul reading and soul level clearing that helped her to shape her future and begin new projects she always wanted to do but never started. Over the last couple of months, the relationship between Dorothea and Buschl became better, deeper, and closer and both changed from fear to love.

Tamara helped me and my cats with highly effective clearings of various issues. My relationship with my cat evolved a lot, became much more harmonious and we changed from fear to love. Dear Tamara, you work with so much kindness, expertise and empathy, I always felt very comfortable, heard, and understood in our sessions. Thank you so much for your amazing work, you helped my cat and myself a lot, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help. Our journey of working with you will most certainly continue. Yours, Dorothea “

Thanks so much, dear Dorothea and dear Buschl 🙂

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Case Study “My cats can now stay together!”

Case Study “My cats can now stay together!”

Challenges when Sandra contacted me

When Sandra contacted me, she was very desperate, and she had already thought about taking one cat out of her cat group of four. For more than one year, the cats experienced lots of stress, and they became more and more aggressive towards each other. Lots of hissing, screaming and spitting, and they also often scratched each other. One of the cats, Charmi, started to pee outside his litter box. 

Charmi also had to deal with severe medical challenges, which increased the stress level across the group. Additionally, due to Covid, Sandra started to work from home, and in parallel, the balcony was refurbished and was not accessible for the cats for a few months. Sandra’s and her cats‘ life was stressful and had changed significantly, with severe side effects on the mental and emotional wellbeing of her cats. 

Although these stress factors have been no longer in place for a couple of months, the situation in the cat group didn’t change accordingly. The famous four didn’t calm down; sometimes, heavy quarrelings became the new normal daily, and some of the cats often got injured by their feline friends.

Of course, Sandra had already tried all tricks in the book, such as behavioral training, clicker training, cat integration training, pheromones, cannabis oil, to name a few. None of these approaches led to a sustainable, positive change.  

„It can’t go on like this. We are all whacked.“ Sandra, a structured and goal-oriented woman, had a clear goal: If there is no significant improvement until September, she had to take one cat out of the group and find a new home.

Solution over two months for Sandra and her four cats together

After the first conversation with Sandra, I suggested working with Sandra and all her four cats simultaneously. All five were heavily involved in the situation and traumatized due to the ongoing stress levels. So, all five had to become a part of the solution. Sandra said, „I can‘t deny that I am also traumatized. I have the feeling that all our buttons are pushed at the same time.“

Step #1: Cat conversation and auric clearing for Sandra and her cats

First, I connected with all four cats to tune into them and prepare them regarding our next steps. I explained what we would do next, clearing their energy field and de-installing all „buttons“ they were pushing on each other all day long.

It became evident that all four cats had very different personalities, every single one with a unique story. Nemo came from an animal shelter, a deep and wise soul who preferred not to get too much involved with the others. Wutz, a friendly but determined cat lady who likes to be bossy and control others. Motte, a sensitive, young cat lady, was often fearful, especially regarding Wutz. And then, Charmi, who suffered the most over the last one and a half years. A fracture of his jaw remained undetected (Sandra’s intuition was accurate, but she was not taken seriously by the vets for a while). Also, he often threw up his meals, and his sensitive, deep soul turned into a martyr personality.

Then, all the five experienced an auric clearing. Sandra stated one week later: „The Situation is relatively relaxed. Wutz reduced her controlling activities, Motte is still in fear of her, but it’s getting better. Charmi changed the most, no peeing outside his litter box for almost a week (!) However, he was throwing up his food a few times. Nemo remains the same. He and Wutz started playing together this week two times. It’s something they didn’t do for a long time. I have the feeling that I’m also more relaxed. I tried not to interfere too much and focus a bit more on myself.“

Step #2: Trauma clearing for Sandra and her cats:

The following two sessions were all about clearing past traumas for Sandra and her four cats. Trauma clearing always requires several sessions because the processes run deep. I worked on birth and childhood traumas and the specific adult life traumas of the last almost two years. These sessions need time for integration. Especially Charmi had a lot to integrate. He used to sleep a lot the day after each trauma clearing.

Step #3: Karma Clearing for Sandra and her cats:

I realized that between Sandra and her cats and across the cat group, there were lots of karmic ties that were not in line with Sandra’s highest path and purpose, nor with those of her cats. It was mission-critical to clear these karmic ties between Sandra and her cats and the karmic ties across the cat group.

Additionally, I cleared the inherited karmic imprints. That’s what they inherited from their genetic parents at conception and fetal integration. It means that all the „unfinished business“ of our genetic parents at the time of conception and fetal integration goes directly into our DNA. That’s what I cleared for Sandra and her four cats. And I also cleared the unjustified negative karma of this life for all five.

Transformation–“My cats can now stay together!”

After the six-week program, the situation within the cat group and for Sandra and her cats calmed down. It was essential to work with all of them together. They all got into this situation together, and they all impacted each other day after day.

For Sandra, the process of de-installing energetic buttons on all levels of her awareness was a way to allow more balance between her mind and her intuition. „It’s fascinating that I am a lot more equanimous and at peace in situations that stressed me out previously.“

Charmi went through a remarkable transformation. I could clear lots of past traumas for him. His behavior changed for the better, he started playing again, and his body language signaled more relaxation and happiness, joy and trust. Also, his peeing outside his litter box decreased significantly.

The relationships between Charmi and Motte and between Charmi and Nemo improved, „almost as it has been before.“ Overall, Charmi, Motte, and Nemo live much better together and are more relaxed. And that’s a great success. Wutz evolved very well; she got excited, ran through the house, and wanted to enjoy her life. Her attitude to control others might be a challenge at times, especially for Motte and Charmi. Nemo went through the clearing process in his usual silent and inner way. And for Motte, a very sensitive cat, a lot was cleared that will transform into a more centered outer behavior over time.

Thanks so much, Charmi, Motte, Wutz, and Nemo; you all touched my soul, and thanks so much for your trust, Sandra

This case study shows how important it is to work with cats and their humans together to achieve better results. It also shows that customization and the right sequence of events are key to success. My programs as such are based on standardized modules. However, HOW they are applied and in which sequence makes all the difference. 


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This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.