Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing – Creating The Foundation for Behavioral Alignment and Physical Well-Being

Advanced Auric Clearing | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

All behavioral and physical symptoms have a source in the etheric field

“Changes in the etheric structure precede pathological changes of illness in the physical body.”
— Richard Gerber, MD, Vibrational Medicine

BRAND NEW! The protocol works now recursively, which means it keeps checking and clearing all potential auric blockages automatically. You and your cat only need ONE session.

Fears, worries, stress at the vets, scratching or biting, aggressive behavior “out of the blue”, etc.

Everything you notice as a behavioral challenge has an energetic root cause. And every physical symptom is also based on an energetic root cause. For improving specific feline dis-eases, read more here.

Often, the energetic root cause sits directly in the auric field of your cat. And that’s the same for every living being on the planet!

That means one or more of their chakras are blocked or occupied with attachments. That implies the cat’s vital life force energy can no longer freely flow, and behavioral or physical symptoms manifest.

I’m sure that you know the term “pushing one’s buttons.” If your cat(s) experience a dramatic situation where they think the time stops, an energetic potential is created that attaches–based on the felt emotion of your cat(s)–to the related chakras. And the blockages are created. In other words, the button has been implemented.

Your cat usually comes already with a couple of those “buttons” to you. But you are unaware of them, nor can you know the root causes. However, it’s crucial to de-implement these buttons as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing is an energetic “button de-install” program for your cat.

What’s included in an Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing:

  • 1 Session Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing Cat: diagnosis, recursive clearing, chakra activation, notes by email or phone call.

Do you have a cat group? Let me know, and we’ll find a group solution.

Send me a message using the contact form, and we will take it from there.

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Disclaimer: This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Instead, this service builds on and is aligned with the veterinary diagnosis.