“Beautiful experience and a significantly better quality of life” | Melanie with Matu and Findus

"Beautiful experience and a significantly better quality of life" | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Melanie and her cats Matu and Findus have already gone through some of the brand-new recursive energy clearings with me, the Advanced Recursive Entity Removal with Immunization, followed by the Advanced Recursive Aura Clearing, the Advanced Recursive Karma Clearing, and finally, the Advanced Recursive Soul Mission Activation. And always with her, her two beautiful cats, Matu and Findus. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that I could assist you on your beautiful journey to increase consciousness, frequency, and clarity. And, I am sure our journey will continue…

Check out Melanie’s feedback throughout this journey:

Dear Tamara, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us so much!! I clearly felt what the clearing [recursive Entity clearing with immunization] was doing! …
Matu has changed significantly since this afternoon! He looks at me gratefully, and our connection is much closer again! Matu is much more relaxed! Yes, he even stretches his hind legs again after standing up!! So beautiful! Feel hugged with gratitude!! That’s why I’m particularly looking forward to Monday!


There is tremendous power in knowing you are protected!!! Why Findus keeps attacking Matu is still a mystery to me.. and what karma connects me to Matu. He’s my soul cat, my second me… In any case, it’s my goal to protect and strengthen myself and Matu, Findus in the best possible way!! 🙏💪 That’s why I’m booking the session for next Monday [Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing] right now, and I wish you a nice afternoon/evening! I can’t thank you enough!! So beautiful that you exist, you angel! 🙏🥰


I can only recommend the recursive aura clearing!! It gives me a much better quality of life! Fantastic!! I look forward to the recursive karma clearing! That will clear a lot again, and I’m finding my way back to my soul!! PS: I had great and very intense dreams after the [recursive auric] clearing! I would say I was in my “home” briefly, where I was once conceived…😍


I finally have time to give you feedback on the last clearings [recursive karma clearing, soul-level clearing, and soul mission activation]!

So incredibly powerful; lots of things have shifted! For my cats and myself. Really excellent work, you perform!


The last session [recursive soul level clearing and soul mission activation] was terrific. Finding out where my soul comes from and my primary soul energies was a wonderful experience! When you talked about the soul groups of origination and their characteristics, I noticed that Sirius also gave me an unbelievably pleasant tingling sensation throughout my body! Sirius doesn’t seem unfamiliar to me…at least, that’s what it feels like…

And on my home planet, the tingling was extreme, and I felt so comfortably warm!! So beautiful!! That night I dreamed of a world that is only so colorful and incredibly beautiful in fairy tale books… So much has become clear regarding my relationships (reason for the breakups, etc.). I already sensed it. But I wasn’t very spiritually interested then.

And Matu isn’t so sad anymore! The clearings helped him a lot, too!


I deeply respect you and your fantastic work; I wish you a cozy evening! So fantastic that you exist!

Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing

Advanced Recursive Entity Removal and Immunization