“So much kindness, expertise and empathy” | Dorothea, Austria

“So much kindness, expertise and empathy” | Dorothea, Austria

Dorothea contacted me when she rescued a young tomcat who had already experienced abusive behaviors in his young life. He was such a lovely boy, but his behavior could change from one moment to another. And it always seemed to come “out of nowhere.” However, we know that most undesired behaviors have a common root cause – trauma.

Buschl, the beautiful young cat, received auric, karma, and trauma clearing work. And as soon as Dorothea realized the impact of the clearing work for him, she also went through a comprehensive sequence of auric, karma, and trauma clearing. Additionally, she also received a soul reading and soul level clearing that helped her to shape her future and begin new projects she always wanted to do but never started. Over the last couple of months, the relationship between Dorothea and Buschl became better, deeper, and closer and both changed from fear to love.

Tamara helped me and my cats with highly effective clearings of various issues. My relationship with my cat evolved a lot, became much more harmonious and we changed from fear to love. Dear Tamara, you work with so much kindness, expertise and empathy, I always felt very comfortable, heard, and understood in our sessions. Thank you so much for your amazing work, you helped my cat and myself a lot, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help. Our journey of working with you will most certainly continue. Yours, Dorothea “

Thanks so much, dear Dorothea and dear Buschl 🙂

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