Trauma | Soul Cats | Tamara SchenkTrauma is a term we often use–especially when it comes to human trauma. However, the word “trauma” is rarely discussed when we face challenges with our cats and within our human/animal relationships.

When cats show undesired behaviors, their human guardians–we all know that we don’t “own” a cat–are usually looking for ways to treat the symptoms to change the undesired behavior into a desired one. For instance, nobody wants their cat to show aggression towards other cats, dogs, or kids in the family, stay in hiding places all the time, or not use the litter box, and the list goes on.

Plenty of behavioral specialists, cat gurus, and integration specialists are out there to help with various approaches, such as, for instance, clicker training, specific behavioral advice to make the symptom go away. Also, mechanical tools are often used, such as sprays based on specific pheromones to influence cat behavior. All these options have their place, no doubt.

However, they don’t solve the root cause of the issues.

The root cause of any undesired behavior of your cats is usually trauma.

And by treating the symptoms, the trauma remains unaddressed. And every time the trauma trigger gets pushed, things get worse, not better.

Trauma, what is it really?

Let’s unpack this and look at human trauma and then map it to animals, especially cats.

Examples of traumas are, for instance, accidents, shocks, sexual abuse, mobbing, birth trauma, an extreme betrayal, bankruptcy, the loss of a loved one, a difficult break-up.

At the moment when the trauma happens, your mind goes analogical. At that moment, the time seems to stop for you.

I am sure you were already nodding your head because you have already experienced a couple of these traumatic experiences in your life.

Trauma for cats is technically defined the same way; just the examples are slightly different. As cats live in a human-led world, other traumas occur. In addition to the same prenatal and birth traumas, the traumas often continue in the first few days and weeks of their lives.

When kittens are taken away from their mother too early, it creates trauma as it would for human children. Then, they might be sold as a single kitten in a human-only household. Even if humans have good intentions, it’s traumatic for the kitten. They might end up with humans that mistreat them or abuse them physically, mentally, or emotionally. Outdoor cats can experience accidents, can be stolen, lose their homes as owners pass away. Or they are abandoned for whatever reason and end up in a shelter. The list, unfortunately, goes on.

In these situations, your cats (and every other animal) also experience trauma; and the time seems to stop for them.

In these situations–energetically speaking–they create energetic potential at the quantum level. And that’s simply an energetic blockage, a soul fragment of themselves that holds the traumatic experience. Depending on the situation and the emotion they felt when dumped at the shelter–betrayal, and abandonment–the energetic blockage that consists of tiny energetic particles goes to the related chakra, the heart chakra in this case.

However, a trauma goes much deeper than the auric field only. Trauma-related energetic blockages are stored at the cellular level and the DNA. It’s the same for humans and animals.

How trauma gets triggered repeatedly

Imagine the energetic blockages as a button. This button stores the memory of the trauma at the cellular level and the DNA. Now, when this button gets pushed by a particular trauma trigger, the button gets reactivated and runs the trauma program immediately from last time. That means your cat usually has an extreme reaction, usually based on fear.

The “button” keeps the trauma memory alive and adds the newly added traumatic experience with every re-activation. This is when things become worse for you as an owner, and you might begin to despair.

If you think about it, most people are going through life having their own traumatic events reactivated all day long, by things people are doing or saying around them. The trauma triggers are the same –energetic blockages stored in the energy field, cellular level, and DNA.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your cat is fearful and has anxiety, is mostly in hiding places
  • You have a hard time even touching your cat
  • Your cat turns anxiety into aggressive behaviors
  • Your cat lost their previous home, their humans, or was rescued, etc.
  • Your cat seems to attack you “out of the blue”
  • Taking your cat to the vet is always a drama
  • You need new “tricks” every time to get your cat into the cat carrier
  • You added a new cat to the group, and it made things worse

If you agree to just a few of these questions, you can be certain that your cat is traumatized in one way or another.

You cannot “talk” or “train” a trauma away

As a human, you might have gone to trauma therapy. For weeks and months, you were talking about various traumatic experiences in your life. You mentally understood what had happened and why. However, the root cause of why the trauma still negatively impacts your life is still there and has not been removed. In other words, the trauma triggers are still there, patiently waiting to be pushed again. And the trauma cycle continues.

When the trauma occurs or when its memory gets reactivated, it causes you to close down, to stay safe. It’s kind of a survival mechanism, and the fear wants to keep you safe.

For your cat, changing the trauma’s symptom, the undesired behavior, is usually the goal. I hope you can see now that this is not the best approach to solve the problem. Instead, we should CLEAR the trauma rather than finding ways to COPE with the trauma. And this is where energetic trauma clearing comes into play.

CLEARING the trauma instead of COPING with the trauma

If you read the article until here, you are most probably interested in addressing the root causes of your cats’ trauma–and maybe of your own traumatic experiences.

Trauma clearing happens at the quantum level with commands, codes, and protocols that can clear the energetic blockages of the auric field, the cellular system, and the DNA. Then, the memory of the trauma has been cleared out of the body-mind-spirit system of your cat. Whether the trauma was created due to a bad human relationship, the loss of their human guardian or their home, an accident, an abuse, etc., this clearing work at the quantum level is highly effective. It solves the problems so that you can develop a trust-based, loving relationship with your cats.

Trauma clearing requires a framework that can be tailored to fit your needs

There are many different trauma types, and usually, every situation requires a few traumas to be addressed and cleared. Together with you, I will develop a custom program for your cat and yourself to create the foundation for a happy, enjoyable life with your cat.

Please check my trauma clearing offer, where I show you how trauma can be completely cleared energetically. Once this has happened, positive change can occur as the root cause of the undesired behaviors is gone.

Your cat is waiting to get her traumas cleared–and you may be, too!

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