“Miracle for my soul” | Mona and Henner

Miracles for my soul | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

When our soul cats cross the rainbow bridge, the human guardians left behind are in deep grief. Sometimes, it feels impossible to ever get out of this grief alone. And sometimes, it’s also hard to let go of the departed cat’s soul on the other side. Grief is especially tough when our soul cats leave us very young or quite unexpectedly.

Rainbow bridge communication with the soul of the departed cat, in combination with highly effective karma clearing for both the human guardian and the cat, creates a vast relief and a massive shift.
Mona’s cat Henner passed away unexpectedly at a very young age, and she felt left behind with lots of grief and many questions and no answers.

Dear Tamara, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the rainbow bridge conversation with Henner. It was very emotional, moved me to tears and left me also speechless. Henner’s perspective was exactly what I was missing and after that and the clearing a day later, I felt liberated and free.

I can only recommend this service even if it took me longer to make the decision for this step (my Henner knows me).
Believe me, this worked miracles on my soul.

Tamara, I don’t know how to thank you for that. But I will share with my friends that you offer this beautiful service. Thank you so much!

Here you can find more information about the rainbow bridge communication and clearing.


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31. May 2022