Case Study Elani and Katrin “Wow!!! It worked, he stopped peeing on my bed!”

Case Study Elani and Katrin “Wow!!! It worked, he stopped peeing on my bed!”

Challenges when Katrin contacted me

Elani, a four-year-old tomcat, developed the undesirable behavior of peeing outside his litterbox. He is living with his human guardian Katrin and his cat friend Amari. Not only did he pee outside the litterbox; he peed on Katrin’s bed. A very unpleasant challenge that required to be solved as fast as possible. Katrin, an animal communicator herself, asked me to work with Elani energetically to solve this problem.

Solution over two months, in close collaboration with Katrin

Step 1: Animal Communication and Auric Clearing

Elani is an experienced cat when it comes to communicating telepathically with humans. He also knew that Katrin and I are members of the same group, that we both attended last year’s Twelfthtide program together with our cats. At this time, my soul cat Flix was still alive, and Elani also knew this. So, we had an easy start with our cat communication.

I sensed a susceptible, wise cat, an old soul that had already experienced a lot. It’s not his first incarnation on the planet. I also sensed that his stress and trauma came from his childhood. As a tiny kitten, he was brought to many fairs, and he felt moved around a lot in a cat carrier, not always as careful as necessary. Loud voices were surrounding him; people talked about him, but not to him. I saw him sitting in the corner of his cat carrier, full of fear and panic. His eyes were wide open and full of fear.

I decided to clear this trauma right away, without an auric clearing first. His childhood trauma was very present and required to be cleared right away. I also tuned into my symbol cards: protection, self-love, and serenity came up first.

Patience was apparently not Elani’s strength. He couldn’t wait for his follow-up session. When Katrin talked to him a few days later, he asked her, „where is she, the one from Flix?”

A few days later, when I connected with him, he was pretty impatient. He had experienced a lot, and he wanted to share that. He was thinking a lot, and he was afraid that his fear would come back. We worked again on his birth and childhood traumas. I could clear an even deeper level of these traumas for him.

Step 2: Auric Clearing right before the dental restoration

This dental restoration was already scheduled for a while. I processed an Auric Clearing for Elani a few days before the appointment. I cleared all seven embodied chakras and all eight morphogenetic chakras from all entities, occupants, portals, and wormholes. Additionally, I also cleared fear, worries, and anxiety. He mastered the dental appointment very well and recovered quickly.

Step 3: Karma Clearing

I sensed that he was in the middle of a substantial transformational process. I perceived him as being with two feet in his old life and two feet already in his new life. I also felt a lot of hidden emotions of shame and guilt, most probably not from this life. In this session, I cleared inherited karmic imprints and lack, limitation, shame, guilt, undeservedness, and unworthiness. Especially the strong perception of shame and guilt came rather unexpectedly and was a new aspect in my work with him.

I was sure that we were on the right track and made a big difference this day.

„His eyes are no longer sad. Beautiful, I can feel and see the huge impact of your work. Excellent,” said Katrin. 

The process was working for him. I could feel his transformation. Then, we had peace for a while, but then he started to pee on the bed again.

During the follow-up session, I continued to clear inherited karmic imprints and another layer of lack, limitation, shame, and guilt. In addition, I also cleared karmic ties between Katrin, Elani, and Amari. Karma clearing is like peeling an onion, layer by layer.

Also, he mentioned that he would love to have a litterbox in the bedroom. Exactly what Katrin wanted to avoid. Well, she is an amazing cat mom, and she put a litterbox in her bedroom for him.

„Your work feels very positive. We are on such a good journey. And his transformation is enormous. This second session made a massive difference for him.“

Step 4: Trauma Clearing Soul Level

Elani’s behavior and development made tremendous progress. However, we couldn’t declare victory yet, as he still peed on Katrin’s bed from time to time. As I prepared myself for this next session, the topic of self-love, the lack thereof to be precise, came up and retrieving lost soul facets.

Elani was very moved that Katrin added another litterbox to her bedroom, just for him. And he also understood that she removed it when he used her bed again as his litterbox. Elani, on the other hand, wanted to make everything right, but he was standing in his way.

I processed a soul-level focused trauma clearing for him. Then, I cleared emotional and mental traumas. Especially the emotional trauma clearing process reacted heavily. The cards of the day showed self-love at the top.

„He is evolving beautifully, but what is it we overlook?“ That’s how Katrin perfectly summed up the situation. Then, we discovered what we missed–it was Katrin’s own very stressful and challenging situation at work.

Step 5: Auric Clearing Katrin, Elani and Amari

As soon as Katrin mentioned that she had to master a couple of challenges herself, I was immediately alerted. It turned out that she was facing severe career-related challenges. Before that, she experienced rather unpleasant months with lots of extreme mental challenges.

I suggested processing an Auric Clearing for Katrin, Elani, and also Amari. Said and done. The Auric Clearing was very effective as Katrin and her cats got on the same much higher energy frequency. Additionally, Elani sensed that his beloved human finally did something for herself, and Amari was also included. All three integrated the clearing very well. And the best of it is this–Elani stopped peeing on Katrin’s bed. Also, the additional litterbox didn’t need to stay in the bedroom. Katrin found a better solution.

Katrin said a few days later: „I feel great. I have much more clarity and stay at peace with myself rather than allowing anybody else to involve me in their unfinished business. We did the right things. I’m so happy about it!” That’s how Katrin summed up the success.

Transformation–Elani stopped peeing in Katrin’s bed

After almost two months, succeeded: Elani did no longer pee in Katrin’s bed. The litterbox could be removed from the bedroom, and Elani started to use the other toilets. „Wow, it worked!!!“

Katrin, Elani, and Amari felt so much better, and all were on a much higher energy frequency. A huge transformation, especially for Elani, but also for Katrin, Elani, and Amari together.

For Katrin, I could clear all auric blockages caused by a very challenging situation at work. This way, she could master the crisis much better. Elani was so happy that his beloved human finally did something for herself. Both cats, especially Elani, carried lots of „baggage“ of their human around that needed to be cleared.

For Elani, the situation was multi-faceted. On the one hand side, he was traumatized himself due to his unpleasant childhood. When the additional stress in Katrin’s life came on top of it, it was too much for him, and he started peeing on her bed. And all the three had a big problem.

I am very grateful that I could help Katrin, Elani, and also Amari. They are a fantastic team, and both cats have an absolute dream forever home. „I just want to thank you for everything,” Katrin summed up our beautiful collaboration.

This case study shows a couple of things: One that not only pets from a shelter can be traumatized. Two that in the case of peeing on the bed, it is almost all the time a symptom of extreme stress and trauma. And more often than not, their human guardians are part of the problem and also part of the solution. Leveraging highly effective energy clearing techniques for animals and human together, those problems can be effectively addressed and cleared and the undesired behavior can be transformed back into a desired behavior.

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This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Case Study “My cats can now stay together!”

Case Study “My cats can now stay together!”

Challenges when Sandra contacted me

When Sandra contacted me, she was very desperate, and she had already thought about taking one cat out of her cat group of four. For more than one year, the cats experienced lots of stress, and they became more and more aggressive towards each other. Lots of hissing, screaming and spitting, and they also often scratched each other. One of the cats, Charmi, started to pee outside his litter box. 

Charmi also had to deal with severe medical challenges, which increased the stress level across the group. Additionally, due to Covid, Sandra started to work from home, and in parallel, the balcony was refurbished and was not accessible for the cats for a few months. Sandra’s and her cats‘ life was stressful and had changed significantly, with severe side effects on the mental and emotional wellbeing of her cats. 

Although these stress factors have been no longer in place for a couple of months, the situation in the cat group didn’t change accordingly. The famous four didn’t calm down; sometimes, heavy quarrelings became the new normal daily, and some of the cats often got injured by their feline friends.

Of course, Sandra had already tried all tricks in the book, such as behavioral training, clicker training, cat integration training, pheromones, cannabis oil, to name a few. None of these approaches led to a sustainable, positive change.  

„It can’t go on like this. We are all whacked.“ Sandra, a structured and goal-oriented woman, had a clear goal: If there is no significant improvement until September, she had to take one cat out of the group and find a new home.

Solution over two months for Sandra and her four cats together

After the first conversation with Sandra, I suggested working with Sandra and all her four cats simultaneously. All five were heavily involved in the situation and traumatized due to the ongoing stress levels. So, all five had to become a part of the solution. Sandra said, „I can‘t deny that I am also traumatized. I have the feeling that all our buttons are pushed at the same time.“

Step #1: Cat conversation and auric clearing for Sandra and her cats

First, I connected with all four cats to tune into them and prepare them regarding our next steps. I explained what we would do next, clearing their energy field and de-installing all „buttons“ they were pushing on each other all day long.

It became evident that all four cats had very different personalities, every single one with a unique story. Nemo came from an animal shelter, a deep and wise soul who preferred not to get too much involved with the others. Wutz, a friendly but determined cat lady who likes to be bossy and control others. Motte, a sensitive, young cat lady, was often fearful, especially regarding Wutz. And then, Charmi, who suffered the most over the last one and a half years. A fracture of his jaw remained undetected (Sandra’s intuition was accurate, but she was not taken seriously by the vets for a while). Also, he often threw up his meals, and his sensitive, deep soul turned into a martyr personality.

Then, all the five experienced an auric clearing. Sandra stated one week later: „The Situation is relatively relaxed. Wutz reduced her controlling activities, Motte is still in fear of her, but it’s getting better. Charmi changed the most, no peeing outside his litter box for almost a week (!) However, he was throwing up his food a few times. Nemo remains the same. He and Wutz started playing together this week two times. It’s something they didn’t do for a long time. I have the feeling that I’m also more relaxed. I tried not to interfere too much and focus a bit more on myself.“

Step #2: Trauma clearing for Sandra and her cats:

The following two sessions were all about clearing past traumas for Sandra and her four cats. Trauma clearing always requires several sessions because the processes run deep. I worked on birth and childhood traumas and the specific adult life traumas of the last almost two years. These sessions need time for integration. Especially Charmi had a lot to integrate. He used to sleep a lot the day after each trauma clearing.

Step #3: Karma Clearing for Sandra and her cats:

I realized that between Sandra and her cats and across the cat group, there were lots of karmic ties that were not in line with Sandra’s highest path and purpose, nor with those of her cats. It was mission-critical to clear these karmic ties between Sandra and her cats and the karmic ties across the cat group.

Additionally, I cleared the inherited karmic imprints. That’s what they inherited from their genetic parents at conception and fetal integration. It means that all the „unfinished business“ of our genetic parents at the time of conception and fetal integration goes directly into our DNA. That’s what I cleared for Sandra and her four cats. And I also cleared the unjustified negative karma of this life for all five.

Transformation–“My cats can now stay together!”

After the six-week program, the situation within the cat group and for Sandra and her cats calmed down. It was essential to work with all of them together. They all got into this situation together, and they all impacted each other day after day.

For Sandra, the process of de-installing energetic buttons on all levels of her awareness was a way to allow more balance between her mind and her intuition. „It’s fascinating that I am a lot more equanimous and at peace in situations that stressed me out previously.“

Charmi went through a remarkable transformation. I could clear lots of past traumas for him. His behavior changed for the better, he started playing again, and his body language signaled more relaxation and happiness, joy and trust. Also, his peeing outside his litter box decreased significantly.

The relationships between Charmi and Motte and between Charmi and Nemo improved, „almost as it has been before.“ Overall, Charmi, Motte, and Nemo live much better together and are more relaxed. And that’s a great success. Wutz evolved very well; she got excited, ran through the house, and wanted to enjoy her life. Her attitude to control others might be a challenge at times, especially for Motte and Charmi. Nemo went through the clearing process in his usual silent and inner way. And for Motte, a very sensitive cat, a lot was cleared that will transform into a more centered outer behavior over time.

Thanks so much, Charmi, Motte, Wutz, and Nemo; you all touched my soul, and thanks so much for your trust, Sandra

This case study shows how important it is to work with cats and their humans together to achieve better results. It also shows that customization and the right sequence of events are key to success. My programs as such are based on standardized modules. However, HOW they are applied and in which sequence makes all the difference. 


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This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.