“Lotti made quantum leaps!” – Christiane with Lotti and Smilla

“Lotti made quantum leaps!” – Christiane with Lotti and Smilla

“Lotti made quantum leaps!” – Allowing a scared kitten to make “quantum leaps” is simply fantastic! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Christiane, for your beautiful feedback regarding my work!

For the third time, I used the energetic help of Tamara Schenk.
Preferably for my cats, but also for me.
Cat reunions are often not easy, especially since I always adopt animal welfare cats, which have heavy packages to carry.
Even when my soul cat died, Tamara helped me to overcome my grief.
Tamara’s work with Lotti was genuinely remarkable. Lotti was traumatized, very fearful, and shy.
Actually not adoptable.
She lived with us for three weeks under the bed, only coming out at night.
After Tamara’s energetic treatment, there was an almost quantum leap of improvement.
Lotti came out during the day and courageously and openly approached our cat Smilla.
She started communicating with us…playing, exploring…with an enormous zest for life.
This development started after Tamara’s treatment and progressed within a short time.
A pleasure to watch and experience.
We look forward to further growth with Lotti and Smilla.
Many thanks, Tamara.

Advanced Auric Clearing, Trauma Clearing

“I wholeheartedly recommend it” | Nadine

“I wholeheartedly recommend it” | Nadine

Are you considering learning Advanced Aura Clearing or Trauma Clearing and becoming a certified practitioner? Are you in doubt and asking yourself if you could also learn this? You can learn and achieve everything you receive from your Higher Self, everything you believe in and can imagine.

I have clients with no previous expertise who are now successful Advanced Auric Clearing Practitioners. And I have clients like Nadine who come from the world of Reiki. In my certification training, we create a solid foundation for everyone as a baseline from which you can learn and grow.

Nadine became a Certified Advanced Auric Clearing Practitioner a few months ago, and she is already achieving outstanding results with her human and animal clients. Thank you so much for your trust and for approaching your certification program with a beginner’s mind! It is a great pleasure to witness your growth and teach you all about trauma clearing now!

I have a 3rd Reiki degree and already lots of experience with energetic healing methods. I work with humans and animals and have a mobile animal healing practice. With the certification as an Advanced Auric Clearing Practitioner, I can now expand my healing practice and help my clients on a deeper, quantum level.

In the certification program with Tamara, I could first experience the clearings, then learn and start to apply them. Through the clearings I received, lots of blockages were cleared, a new inner balance was established, and inner transformation and growth processes were initiated. I became aware of my path as a healer and decided to start my business. I integrated week after week by practicing on selected testimonials and gaining great experience. I also support my own animals and those of my customers as part of my alternative therapist work with auric clearings.
I am currently completing the Trauma Clearing Practitioner Training Program. Tamara also guides me weekly during my certification. With every step we take, I feel growing further inside and becoming more clairvoyant and intuitive.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Advanced Auric Clearing Certification and the Trauma Clearing Practitioner Certification.

Would you like to discover your soul’s mission, grow and implement it, and get into your divine power? Then you are in the right place with Tamara’s certifications.

More about Advanced Auric Clearing Certification

More to Nadine’s work here and here.

“Stepping into my soul’s potential | Nadine

“Stepping into my soul’s potential | Nadine

Teaching all about Advanced Auric Clearing, for humans and animals alike, that’s one of my favorite things to do. Simply because it’s so powerful, and it’s the foundation for all other energy clearing services such as karma and trauma clearing work to empower animals and their humans to live a happy life, free from drama, fear, and trauma.

Thank you, dear Nadine, It’s a great pleasure to guide you on your amazing journey of growth and awakening, following your soul’s mission. Many animals and humans will soon benefit from your amazing work!

πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š Power Animal Pigeon πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š

Three weeks in, since my birthday, to be precise, I meet pigeons every day. Two at least, sometimes many more. Whether they’re flying over me, sitting on the lawn, or cooing loudly in the tree… they’re everywhere, supporting me.

Tamara has guided me for three weeks since I started my certification as an advanced auric clearing practitioner. An essential and groundbreaking journey for me, which causes my inner straightening. I have felt so much peace and happiness for myself and the ALL ONE ever since.

The next few weeks will demand courage, trust in me, and confidence from me. I can feel that very clearly and am happy to take significant but necessary steps out of my comfort zone.

Since I experienced my advanced auric clearing at the quantum level, I am letting go of many things, making space for more LIGHT, and I’m stepping into my true soul’s potential.

And that’s what I’ve learned over the last 3 weeks: I can show myself with all my abilities and live the life that’s meant for me; I can spread my wings wide; let them whimper in all colors in the sunlight, even if one or the other doesn’t like it!

Today, I received my karma clearing from Tamara, and I am so impressed with the depth of this work. The next few weeks will be extraordinary and thanks to Tamara’s support, I can certainly do it. I’m really grateful to have met her!

Find more on Advanced Aura Clearing here and for the animal context here. And more on my Advanced Aura Clearing Practitioner Certification for humans and animals alike.