“Completely changes self-confidence and body feeling” | Melanie with Matu and Findus

"Completely changes self-confidence and body feeling" | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

“Completely changes self-confidence and body feeling”  – I am very grateful for Melanie’s fantastic feedback. She had already gone through Entity Clearing with Immunization and then experienced the next step, the brand-new Recursive Advanced Aura Clearing with her two cats, Matu and Findus. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Melanie, for your trust!

Dear Tamara, the recursive aura cleaning was excellent! And it solved and triggered a lot! Namely resistance from the people who were attached to us! That was and still is not easy! But it’s great that no one can “tap” us anymore!! I feel safe!
Matu, my soul cat, who takes a lot from us humans, had become depressive. And he is feeling so much better now! As I wrote you.. whatever else you have done, Findus is incredibly considerate of Matu! Million thanks for that! Matu is eating better again; he just doesn’t want to drink more. Cats…
I can now clearly distinguish myself from people! There have also been some positive changes at work! I’m still sucking up some energy, but I’m good at getting rid of them again! I can wholeheartedly recommend the recursive aura clearing! It gives me a much better quality of life! How fantastic!
I look forward to the recursive karma clearing! That will solve a lot again, and I’m reconnecting with my soul!
PS: I had great and very intense dreams after the clearing! I would say I was briefly in my “home.” There where I was once conceived… It completely changes self-confidence and body feeling! Many thanks, dear Tamara! Excellent, precious work you do! With much compassion and loving care!♥️🙏

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