Case Study Emidon “He is lame-free! Trauma clearing created a miracle!”

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He is lame-free! | Soul Cats | Tamara Schenk

Challenges when Martina contacted me

When Martina contacted me regarding Emidon, she worked with my cat Flix, helping me prepare for his transition. As an external animal communicator, she became an important friend and coach for Flix. Emidon, her 14-year old Arab horse, had to deal with a couple of issues. A hidden borreliosis created challenges, and he was lame for a long time already. And no local vet could properly diagnose the problems so far. She considered bringing him to a specialized clinic to find and treat the root causes of the lameness. Preparing him for this journey was the first part of my work with Emidon. It turned out to become a lot more than that over time.

Solution over six months for Emidon

Step #1: Animal communication and auric clearing

When I first met Emidon telepathically, I was very impressed. I met a beautiful old, wise soul with a special mission. Emidon was here on Earth as a member of the Council of the Animals, incarnated to improve and heal the human and animal relationship. Therefore, he met Martina, his owner, and an old, wise soul with whom he had already spent many lifetimes working on their shared mission.

We quickly discovered that we all have a shared mission of healing the human/animal relationship with slightly different approaches that complement each other. On our first session, I processed an auric clearing for him that he integrated very well. Martina and the TCM therapist noticed Emidon becoming more whole, balanced, and harmonized, with more body tension.

Step #2: Karma clearing and preparing the trip to the horse clinic

Emidon received his first and second karma clearing session a few weeks later, focused mainly on inherited karma. In the meantime, the week at the clinic was fast approaching, and he developed fear and worries that I always cleared first.

Additionally, I cleared all karmic ties with past and present vets and all karmic imprints from past, painful vet visits, and unpleasant trips in a horsebox.

The day before the trip to the clinic, Emidon received another auric clearing; I cleared all fear, worries, and anxiety and manifested an uneventful, stress-free journey to the clinic. Also, Martina wanted to make sure that he was energetically in top condition, going to the horse clinic. Also, Emidon was looking forward to it and was OK to go through all of the procedures as he wanted to be back in his old, fit, lame-free condition, as he loves dancing with Martina, as he said.

After the week in the horse clinic that brought no diagnosis and no healing at all, Emidon was depressed, and Martina, too. It was the first time he developed severe doubts that he would ever walk and run lame-free again.

Now, it was essential to restore his energy field’s integrity first before doing anything else. I sensed seals in his neck, which I cleared, and I also cleared the guilt he felt towards Martina and negative thought forms and beliefs.

Step #3: Trauma clearing sequence

I sensed more and more that the lameness’ root cause could be trauma. I started working with him on that. In the first session, I felt a couple of foal accidents in the fields. Also, that he wasn’t in the right place to be born for a long time. He only changed his position to be born shortly before his birth. I cleared these traumas, and a week later, I felt guided to repeat the process to cover his entire back.

At the same time, I also started working with Martina to clear her trauma of bringing him to the clinic with lots of hope involved and get no solution.

It was the end of August, after the second trauma clearing when Emidon was lame-free! Martina was over the moon and couldn’t believe it. Her excitement when she realized that it was true had no boundaries!

I continued the trauma clearing sequence during September and October with Emidon and also with Martina. We cleared all past life traumas, adult life, and particular traumas–especially an accident with a horse trainer that hurt him quite a bit. Not only did Emidon experience accidents. Martina also experienced a dramatic accident when she was a young adult. No doubt, Emidon and Martina had to meet again in this lifetime to heal a lot of issues finally.

The remaining challenge for Emidon is an old, silent borreliosis infection that impacts his life significantly when the weather is changing, taking life force energy. We are currently working on clearing the underlying root causes of that emotional, mental, and cellular levels.

Transformation–Emidon is lame-free and a lot more centered and whole:

Martina, Emidon’s human guardian and best human friend, was over the moon when she realized that Emidon was finally lame-free. “It’s incredible, absolutely incredible what you have accomplished for my beloved Emidon. Not only is he lame-free now, but he could also release traumas of his past, especially one accident of his adult life when the wrong trainer hurt him. He feels much lighter, more whole, he is more centered, and at peace with himself, and his soul’s essence could come out.”

As Martina is an excellent animal communicator, talking every day with Emidon, he consistently told her what he experienced working with me. A fantastic experience!


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